Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember that time I was a chipmunk?

So...I have been tagged by my friend, and I am supposed to tell you seven odd things about myself. I'll tell them quickly, as I have already shared my unspectacular quirks.

1. I always peel the chocolate off of the outside of a ho-ho and eat it first. Then I unroll it and eat it.

2. I regularly end my sentences with the word, "Huh?"

3. I didn't know until fairly recently that the word piano has 3 syllables. Apparently I've been saying it wrong for years. Also...garage is not pronounced, "Grodge." Thought you should know.

4. I really enjoy changing my handwriting.

5. I love taking pictures of myself. I feel like it's more accurate than a mirror.

6. I hate the sound of metal silverware scraping the bottom of a plate or bowl that is not plastic. I endure it only for the last little bit of ice cream.

7. I don't necessarily think my clothes always have to match.

Now. On to the important stuff.

I'm getting married in darn near 6 months. Suddenly today I started FREAKING OUT about all of the work that still needs to be done. All help is welcome! Tips, ideas, manpower.... the list goes on!

Last week I was blessed with an infection around one of my wisdom teeth. It began as a nagging pain and a little bit of swelling, and as the week progressed, my face got bigger, the pain got more severe...and $166 later, I had a visit with an oral surgeon who told me I was infected and I was well on my way to recover with a mouth rinse, penicillin, and VICODIN. The Vicodin saved my life last week.

I have been promoted at build-a-bear. I'm now an associate store manager in three different stores, one of them happens to be the "Gapper" store in the Reds stadium. The others are Kenwood and Florence. :) Come visit!

This has been a huge blessing for me, because I have been struggling with this work thing for quite some time. Trying to figure out how things are going to work out. I've taken a little bit of a pay cut since I left the preschool, but I think that it will be for the best. I happen to love this job, and don't mind waking up and going to work. The preschool job left me wanting to stay in bed all day long.


Mama D said...

Fun list!

I'll help! I'll help! Not that I'm a pro at this, mind you, but I don't mind sharing my advice and ideas! ;)

You can do what needs to be done in 6 months. Prioritize the REALLY important stuff. And realize if something doesn't happen, it isn't always the end of the world. Sanity is also important! You have to enjoy this - you will only be engaged once!

Congrats on your promotion!! Hooray! I'm glad that now you can more easily get out of bed to go to work. lol

Shayleen Lunt said...

Congrats Adrienne! It sounds like everything is on the up and up!