Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Realizing that you see others in an imperfect light will make you likely to be a little more generous in what you say."

President Henry B. Eyring

This quote hit me with some force as I re-read President Eyring's talk, "Our Hearts Knit as One" the other day. I realized that all too often, I am guilty of not saying enough good about others. I have held myself highly in a position of indifference...not creating discord, but not creating any unity either. So here's the thing...what if we all wrote some good things about people in the ward? How much more unified could we feel?

So here's what I propose: I'm going to say some things about a couple of people. I'm not going to mention your names, but you should know who you are. Then, you say some things about a couple of other people. It's like the reverse of gossip...because it's all good. What do you think?

First, I'd like to mention a dear sister from the ward who was my young women's president some time ago. Things had taken a sour turn for me, and I wasn't attending YW anymore. I was unhappy, and I felt very alone and unwelcome. She was called as the president, and it seems, she took every effort to make sure I felt loved. It worked. I returned to YW, I attended mutual, and I became much stronger and happier as a result. I felt the love of the Lord...through her. She has been one of those guardian angels to me that Elder Holland was talking about.

Second, let me tell you about my sister. (I guess I ruin the not dropping names thing here...) She is beautiful, talented, loving, and compassionate, just to name a few of her awesome traits. She's always been a mom to me, and is the person I run to when I don't have a recipe for something, or if I need to get something off my chest. She's the mother of my 2.5 beautiful nieces, and the greatest example I've ever had in my life.


It's your turn. Who can you say kind things about?

Oh yeah, and my wonderful, wonderful, super-talented, handsome, funny, strong, loving fiance. :) He created the new thing for the top of my blog :)


Cyd said...

I think this post is a wonderful idea! I might have to do that on mine soon. :) And your blog looks awesome, plus thats a gorgeous picture of you. Can you say Supermodel??? ;)

Mama D said...

What a great idea! And that quote is wonderful timing for me. I can usually remember that I see others (esp those who disagree with me) in an imperfect light - but not always can I be more generous in what I say about them and/or their views...

You're welcome - and thank you. It's nice to know that the influence *you* had on me is reciprocated. You brought tears to my eyes.

That's why I serve in the Church - to share the Savior's love, to love those I serve, and to make just a little bit of a difference for someone. I am returning what others did (and still do) for me. Now you can turn around and continue to share that love with others.

This idea of good gossip in "paying it forward" is a good way to do that.

I love the new look of your blog. Chris is multi-talented. Your picture is fabulous!!

chelle said...

I too think those two ladies are pretty amazing!

Love your blogs new look. :D

Mama D said...

CALL ME ABOUT TWILIGHT!! We pre-ordered our tickets for the midnight showing at the theater in Hamilton. Hope you and Chris can come with us!

I tried to send you a message on FB but it was doing weird things tonight on my computer...