Monday, November 10, 2008

In case you didn't know by the name of the blog...

I really am getting married. And soon. Just's not really SOON, but in honor of the 200 day mark in our countdown, I'd like to show you all the fabulous picture of my dress!

Christopher and I were shopping around in the Reading bridal district, and happened upon a store whose owner I'd been e-mailing. She had told me that she had one modest dress in the store. So...we went in. I tried it on. I almost cried. It was perfect. I was in love. cost $750. She told me that if I bought it off the rack that day, that she would take $250 off of it. I didn't have $500 to spend that day, so do you know what?

Christopher bought it for me. My wedding dress. :)

I'm trying to decide on my wedding hair. I'm thinking plain and simple.

What do you guys think about veils? Tiaras?


Patty said...

What a gorgeous dress! I can't help with the hair question though- I'm style-challenged!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

ok so i think you need a tiara... it is just so you. the dress looks great! a little crown in your beautiful curly hair would just make it perfect!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Awesome! You really are one lucky gal to find THE dress so stinkin' easily! It's great. I love veils that just comb into the back of the hair. It still let's your hair-do show ;)
Hope you aren't sick of this yet...but I was in TJ Maxx today (at Tri-County) and they had Hiring signs all over.

Mama D said...

Christopher just earned sainthood!! What a man. I am so glad you found your perfect dress. It is gorgeous!

I think for you a tiara (or maybe a veil like Shayleen suggested) would be beautiful. You have to show off your hair! I love it!

What colors are you using? Are you going to have a maid (matron) of honor, etc? You should write a post about all the plans!

This is such a fun time in your life!! Continue to enjoy every moment.

chelle said...

What an amazing dress! Must of been inspiration to go into a shop with ONE modest dress!!
I think I am more a veil girl (more like what Shayleen was talking about)...but a tiara would be great too! (as you already know I am sure. that's why you were asking..d'oh)

Reine said...

that is such a cute dress!! and it's adorable that he bought it for you!

i like the plain and simple idea, but i'm not sure you want a 13 yr old's advice on that :)