Monday, March 10, 2008

100 things about me.

1. I try to pretend I don't like writing in a Blog.
2. I have three blogs.
3. I don't write in my regular journal as much as I wish I did.
4. Sometimes I don't feel like the things that are going on in my life are important enough to write down.
5. Sometimes I realize that the most important things that have ever happened in my life are happening right now.
6. I love my life.
7. That doesn't mean it's easy.
8. I have a love/hate relationship with my job.
9. I'm a nanny...and have been for the last few years.
10. The first time I took a nanny job, my dad was really mad at me.
11. He bragged about that same job to a neighbor 2 days ago.
12. 2 days ago was the first time I ever remember being in a blizzard warning.
13. I used to love snow more than anything.
14. Now I can't wait for Summer.
15. I used to hate Summer.
16. Then I lost 65 lbs.
17. Now I don't feel like the fattest girl at the pool.
18. Now I love the pool.
19. So I love the Summer.
20. I can't wait to get a new bathing suit.
21. I need to get in shape...Spring is still coming, even though we got a foot of snow...
22. I hate dieting.
23. I love losing weight.
24. I always feel bad about myself when I notice that I'm gaining weight.
25. I have a hard time getting motivated to do things sometimes.
26. My room is a wreck, but I still haven't cleaned it.
27. I have more clothes than any person should have.
28. I don't wear most of them.
29. I also have more shoes than I should.
30. I love shoes.
31. I never feel fat while buying shoes.
32. I used to be afraid to wear heels because I felt like a monster.
33. Now I don't feel like a monster.
34. Sometimes I actually feel beautiful.
35. Mostly when my hair is straight.
36. My hair is naturally curly.
37. Sometimes I love my curls, but I feel like people don't take me seriously if my hair is curly.
38. Maybe because I look like Curly Sue.
39. I had a girl scout leader named Sue.
40. I was a girl scout for years, but never sold cookies by myself.
41. I did sell cookies outside a bank with my troop members.
42. Very few girls I've been friends with since before middle school were outside of the GS troop.
43. I always wish I hadn't quit girl scouts when I did.
44. There are lots of things I wish I'd never quit.
45. I quit dance after years.
46. I also quit piano.
47. I am a little talented at a lot of things.
48. I've always wished I was very talented at something.
49. The only thing I've found is loving children.
50. I can't wait to have kids of my own.
51. I'm terrified of growing up.
52. I don't want to be treated like a child.
53. I moved back into my parents' house.
54. Sometimes I feel like I child
55. Sometimes I act like a child.
56. and sometimes...I like it.
57. I have a boyfriend.
58. He acts like a child with me.
59. That's the most fun part of our relationship.
60. We went to elementary school together.
61. We went back to said elementary school, and he pushed me on the swings.
62. With him, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
63. And I believe that I really am.
64. I'm also lucky to have such a great family.
65. Sometimes I forget to look at my parents as real people.
66. When I realize they are, I love them even more than before.
67. My sister has always been a mom to me.
68. I don't thank her enough for that.
69. I trust her more than any other girl in the world.
70. I secretly think that most babies are ugly when they're born.
71. Not my nieces.
72. I rarely get enough sleep.
73. This is not because I have important things to be doing.
74. Some of the best conversations in my life have happened at 4 AM.
75. I wouldn't trade my "conversations" for the world.
76. I love talking to people.
77. Sometimes I consider this a talent.
78. Sometimes I don't think I have any talents at all.
79. ...and I wish I wasn't insecure.
80. I am insecure.
81. I used to get made fun of.
82. That doesn't happen anymore.
83. At least not that I know of.
84. People started treating me differently when I lost weight.
85. I noticed it.
86. I liked it for a while.
87. Then I wasn't sure if anyone knew who I really was.
88. Then I wasn't sure if I really knew who I was.
89. I didn't start trying to figure out what it meant to be me until college.
90. I am currently a college drop-out.
91. I'm not embarrassed about that.
92. I hate sitting in classrooms.
93. I've always wanted to do hair.
94. But I've always wanted to change the world.
95. I haven't figured out how to.
96. I have a passion for American Sign Language.
97. This has not helped me accomplish anything worthwhile.
98. I'm proud of myself.
99. Sometimes I feel like I'm really weak.
100. But the thing is... I feel strong.


Sarah said...

Good job sis! I linked you on my page. I used to pretend I didn't like blogging too, because I was afraid I'd look dumb...but now that practically everyone I know does it, I don't feel dumb any more!

Love you!

Mama D said...

Great list, Adrienne! Who is this lucky guy from elem school who will go swinging at the school with you?! Come see us sometime. Since we are serving in the Harrison Branch, we don't see people from Fairfield often enough. You're probably going to the Univ Branch, though.

I have kids who want haircuts if you want to brave that for not enough $$... Maybe you should go to school to become a hairdresser. My sis did that and loves it.

ArtCMF said...

I am that lucky guy :)