Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear Basement,

I'm not happy with the way you've been behaving lately.  The truth is, some places would be glad to see seven inches of rain...and maybe you were, but you certainly didn't show it well.  It was highly inconsiderate of you to leak in every single room.  If I did that, people would not be happy with me!  

Thanks for helping us see that we have way too much junk.  I guess we needed that.  Maybe we could have a garage sale, get rid of all the crap.  

You've been so kind to me for so long, I guess I couldn't expect ten years without so much as a drip.  I've been fiercely angry with you for the last couple of days, but now, I think I'm coming around...don't be mad when I put my carpet back in, and try to set up a's just that Ethan and me BOTH sleeping in the living room is terribly tragic.  His alarm DOES go off 5 times in the morning.  As in there are 5 DIFFERENT alarms.  Yeah.  So I haven't had a whole night's sleep.  I guess what I'm saying is, I miss you, Basement, the way that you were.  



Patty said...

Have you seen the forecast for the next week or so?? UGH!! I hate rain!! I thought last year's drought was a special blessing sent down just for me!
I hope your basement gets back to normal very soon- and that you'll be able to get some real sleep again!