Monday, April 7, 2008

Dear General Conference,

Once again, you have changed my life. Everything feels more peaceful and calm, and I once again remember that everything is okay.  Thank you for everything you are, for being broadcast in my own home, and for coming on such a beautiful weekend.  I hope you didn't mind that we spent the two hour break away from you...lounging on a blanket at the park.  We were just hoping to soak it all in.  The weather, the Spirit, the wonderful things that we have.  What a blessing. :)  

I know you'd like to think that it's just you, but the thing is....everything else included, I am feeling like the luckiest and happiest girl in the whole wide world.  As always, one of my favorite times of the year.  Thank you.



PS.  In case you haven't met him yet, this is that guy I keep talking about...


Patty said...

General Conference AND perfect weather... it doesn't get much better, does it? I had to head to the park and take a walk between sessions. It was just too nice to stay inside all day!
You and "that guy you keep talking about" make a pretty cute couple!

Mama D said...

It was a great weekend!

You two are a cute couple. And that's a great pic -- captured your smiles and happiness perfectly!

I am really glad that you are so happy!!

chelle said...

Adrienne, I just read through your last ew posts. You are too funny. I guess you would have to be coming from your house. I love the way you put thoughts into words. Very creative!
I am very proud of you making the choice to lose weight and take charge of your body. I wish I would of been better at it at your age. Keep up the great work girl!! And your new beau fits you well. Very cute couple!
Glad your back east and get to enjoy family and friends again. And as for the feeling like your in high school again. There are times I feel like I am still in high school. Then remember I have a son in high school. eek!
I enjoyed reading up on how you've been doing! It is fun getting to know you a bit through your blog. :D