Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So I've been tagged....

and seeing as I haven't visited Blogger in a little while, I think it may be time to jump back on the bandwagon. I don't write very much, but in the spirit of the leaves changing colors, I think I'll start up again. Did you miss me?

I've been tagged by Patty, and I guess I should be glad for this opportunity....

MY unspectacular quirks.

Here are the rules:
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1. I am obsessed with smelling good.

Guilty of spending too much on that perfume that I just MUST have? You can bet your money on it. I can't bet mine, because truth is...I've already spent it. Right now...Betsey Johnson (The default) and Hanae Mori, which is brand new, and I'm unhealthily obsessed with smelling myself. Once upon a time, someone who was giving me a makeover asked me what perfume I wore, and my answer was, "...uhh..." needless to say, that never happened again! I tried perfume once, and I was hooked forever. Once, I actually turned around and went back home to put perfume on because I felt naked without it.

2. I'd rather die than leave the house with my hair not fixed.

When I turned eleven, my hair started growing. Not in depth and width. I didn't know what it meant, all I knew was that my mom insisted that I blow it dry every day, and I ended up looking mostly like a cross between a christmas tree and a poodle. By the end of the vulnerable seventh grade, I felt like the biggest fool in the world, and decided to try what all my friends called, "Scrunching." Guess what? Where my greasy looking sorry curls were supposed to be, there were beautiful spirals. And my curly hair was born. As high school wore on, I began to learn how to fix my hair. Straight, curly, was all possible, if I wasn't trying to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to fix it before seminary. So...My hair stayed in a ponytail until I was about 20. Then I learned that I was darn good at fixing my hair, and that I could make myself look put together in 90 minutes or less.

3. If I'm barefoot, I go out of my way to walk in a puddle, because I love the way my footprints look.

This summer, this quirk was pointed out to me. Christopher and I got out of the pool, and I walked in a loooooooong circle around my towel before I picked it up and dried off. Not because I felt like my good looking body needed to be ogled in my bathing suit...haha...but while amusedly watching my footprints. Then I made Christopher walk in front of me so that I could see his footprints too. This was even more amusing to me, because I have reeeeeeallly high arches, and he has flat his footprints are rectangles and mine are shaped like the letter "C." Amusing. :)

4. The first time it snows, I always walk outside barefoot.

I've done this since I was a little girl, and I don't know that I'll ever stop. It's something about the first time that shocking wet cold appears in the winter....and enjoying every single moment of it. Snow has always felt like Heavenly Father's gift for me...wrapped up and gifted with a sparkling bow with a tag that says, "Adrienne, Everyone else hates this stuff, but I know it's making you feel better. Love, Heavenly Father."

5. I love makeup.

I almost never leave the house without makeup on either. Not because I hate the way I look without it, but because I actually ENJOY putting it on. It makes me feel put-together. Makes me feel ready to conquer. I had a friend whose sister died, and after a few days of crying in her room, her grandma came in and said, "Put on some lipstick and face the world." Something seriously true about that statement. I'm not selling out to the makeup conglomerates, I it.

6. I to read.

You know those weird little kids who go to bed and get caught several hours later with a flashlight on under the covers reading? That's me. I don't care what it is. The cereal box. The air sickness bag....I love to read. I used to pretend to be asleep with my light on in my bedroom when I was little so that I wouldn't get in trouble for being up reading. The only difference between then and now is that I don't have anyone making sure that I go to bed... so clearly I don't get enough sleep.

I tag:
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